I”m not kidding… round 2 has came

You can call it

Prada LG II

LG Prada II

Prada LG 2

Prada x LG 2

Prada x LG 2nd Generation

What you may call it!

But what is new?

> two words: PRADA LINK


> LG Prada II is not just a phone, it combines with a PRADA LINK watch which can sync with you LG Prada phone. SMS, Incoming calls, battery level can all show on the watch. You don”t even need to take out your phone to check SMS, Incoming calls and battery level!!!

Other key features different from the first generation:

1. Better touch screen

2. MUCH BETTER CAMERA, yes the first generation camera sucks.

Schneider KREUZN 5M AF Camera (similar to LG Shine)

3. Keypad